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One of the aspects of our job we LOVE is providing ceilidh at a Scottish wedding or sometimes known as “Scottish Country Dancing”.

Often our clients are not aware that this is even an option for their wedding and assume that they would have to hire a ceilidh band to include this!  A ceilidh can really get that dance floor filled and give your wedding reception a real buzz of energy and excitement.

Some key questions and concerns we regularly encounter about ceilidh are as follows;

  • Will it be boring and remind me of those dreaded school days?
  • My guests won’t know what to do!
  • How long should do we do it for?
  • What dances should we do?

In our opinion, a professional wedding DJ should have at least some basic knowledge of ceilidh dancing and be able to talk guests through the dances that no doubt everyone learned at school and has subsequently forgotten!  We not only love demonstrating the dances but we easily talk everyone through the steps in a FUN and informal manner – after all it doesn’t matter if you get the steps wrong as that adds to the enjoyment!

If wedding guests are travelling from another country to a Scottish wedding, sometimes it is almost expected that it will be included.  It is a tradition, while not essential, is definitely worth considering to make your wedding unique.  Young or old, everyone can participate in ceilidh!

Our advice from vast experience is to KEEP IT SIMPLE.  Even a segment of 15-20 minutes during the evening can be more than enough. Depending on crowd reaction, of course another section can be included later in the evening.

The most popular ceilidh dances that our clients request are;

  • Gay Gordons.
  • Military Two Step.
  • Canadian Barn Dance.
  • Dashing White Sergeant.
  • Strip The Willow.

The traditional Gay Gordons is probably the most well-known and wedding couples worry that after this dance is done, all their guests will sit down.   Not at our weddings!!!   We quickly engage with the crowd, often getting the wedding couple involved to demonstrate the next dance.  The focus of a wedding day after all, is the wedding couple and when their guests see them enjoying and participating, they will often follow in turn.

Our advice at Gordy is a DJ is not to panic about it or even be scared – get stuck in, give it a bash and enjoy yourselves!

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