Garfield House Hotel Weddings

This week we are reviewing one of our favourite wedding venues - the fabulous Garfield House Hotel.  Located in Stepps (just outside Glasgow) it is a great choice for wedding receptions! Over the years, we have had the pleasure of visiting to provide wedding reception...

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The month of June……..

As our previous blogs have been offering advice and support, we thought we would take the chance to highlight our exciting and busy month of June.  Five weddings and an anniversary party meant that Gordy Is A DJ was in full flow. While every event was...

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Mood Lighting At Your Wedding!

What is mood lighting? Mood lighting (or LED uplighting) is one of the biggest ideas to come from America in the last 15 years and is taking the wedding industry by storm in the UK.  It is a level of illumination used to create a romantic, relaxed or vivid atmosphere...

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