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All too often, we are asked what the difference is between hiring Gordy is a DJ for your wedding reception or alternatively just plugging an ipod in to a speaker.  The obvious of course is that we (husband and wife team) are present at your wedding reception, rather than just a simple piece of equipment.   Another clear difference is budget and the ipod is certainly the cheaper option.  However, Gordy is a DJ believes there is a world of difference.  This blog is designed to explain why.

As a professional and multi award-winning DJ service Gordy is a DJ will:


  • Act as an MC.  We will make announcements to get the right people involved at the right time.  Overall, we will present your evening reception and keep the party flowing.


  • Meet with you at least once before your wedding to make sure what you want is what you get.  We will remain contactable at any stage from the moment of booking onward.


  • Have a vast array of music and more importantly know how and when to use it!  Even though some of your guests may be closet fans of some second rate ballad singer, slow depresssing music for example does not lend itself to maintaining a celebratory atmosphere.  We will know when to politely decline such requests.


  • Have our own, electrically safe and maintained equipment.  We will have backup gear just in case something goes faulty.


  • Be able to “read” your crowd and adjust the music to suit the occasion on demand.


  • Ensure the music chosen flows naturally i.e. not go from slow to fast / old to modern for no apparent reason.


  • Conduct a major part of your entire day, interacting with you and your guests.  Often, our input will provide some of the most memorable parts of your wedding day.


  • Be of a comparably low cost when compared to other wedding items while helping to provide a more unique wedding day experience.


  • Liaise with your venue direct, removing stress from you on such an important day.  Set up area, timings, access to venue are all items that you should not need to worry about.


  • Have appropriate lighting to enhance the overall experience.


Now ask yourself: Will placing a few tracks on an ipod do all of the above for you?

Look at the photograph below – this is what Gordy is a DJ does!

When you consider all of the things that actually go on behind the scenes, you will realise there is much more involved than just pressing play.  Entrusting your evening reception to a piece of equipment more often than not can result in a poor experience.

This is why it is imperative for your future memories to think more carefully.  For more information about our multi award-winning service, just click here.