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Wedding DJ prices is the subject of this week’s blog.  Why does a wedding DJ cost more?

Often we are asked the question surrounding wedding DJ prices and why we charge significantly more for our service at weddings.

When shopping around for your wedding entertainment, you will receive various prices but much like the phrase used to promote Stella Artois beer, there is such a thing as “reassuringly expensive”.

We advise that instead of concentrating on cost alone, remember that your selection process should very much be a two way street.  Questions you may ask are detailed below;


  • Is that person the correct “fit” what you desire? 
  • What will that person bring to your wedding that is unique? 
  • Will they in turn be happy to deliver what you envisage as your dream wedding reception? 
  • How will they present themselves i.e. will they turn up in jeans and a t-shirt or will they dressed appropriately for a wedding?
  • What testimonials have they received?
  • What wedding industry awards have they won and can they prove it?


Beware also the “party DJ” who adds a couple of hundred pounds on just “because it’s a wedding” without doing anything more than just prepare for a standard function.

A good wedding DJ should be head and shoulders above the average DJ.  Regularly, they will have attended training courses, workshops and seminars to hone their skills.  They will be willing to meet with you beforehand to allay any fears you may have and guide you through how they will deliver a memorable wedding reception based on their experience.

Overall they will produce, direct and stage your entire evening’s entertainment so this is something for which you are right to choose carefully.

These are just some of the things that makes Gordy is a DJ not just “good”.  They make us outstanding at what we do and are why we have won multiple national awards to back up that statement.

Prices for our multi award-winning service at your wedding could start from as little as £595 depending on different factors.

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Thereafter we will tell you how we will deliver the wedding reception of your dreams.