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One of the biggest dilemmas faced by many wedding couples is whether to have a band or a DJ at their wedding.

While there are advantages to both approaches, it is often common place to employ both, thereby getting the best of both worlds (budget allowing!).

Hiring a professional DJ/MC can give the significant advantage that you are hiring someone who has vast presentation experience, one that can relate to your crowd and make the important announcements at crucial times i.e. “present” your evening entertainment.

From a personal point of view, we do not see bands as our competition!  We welcome nights where both work in tandem.  However band members are human beings after all and it is virtually impossible to sing/play music for 5 hours solid.  That is why employing BOTH a DJ and band works so well together.

Ask yourself the questions – who is doing my first dance?  What is going to happen during the band’s break?  Is there going to be a long silence?  Are all the guests just to talk among themselves with no entertainment whatsoever?


A great example is when we recently visited Glenskirlie Castle and we were delighted to work alongside “Freereelin'”  The wedding couple wished us to provide their first dance and second song.  This was followed by an introduction to the fabulous ceilidh band who got everyone involved very swiftly.  This included a record breaking Strip the Willow which stretched out into the corridor outside of the room!  The two acts (us and the band) complimented each other well as we had the same approach of ensuring all guests had a memorable evening.

Furthermore if a band has a specific genre of music that they specialise in e.g. rock or swing, a DJ can often diversify with the music played meaning that there is something for everyone!

As a wedding DJ, you may argue that we are biased but this is genuinely not the case.  Each type of entertainment has their place at weddings.  Bands and DJs are completely different and comparing both as performers is like comparing chalk to cheese!  Common objections we hear to having a DJ are – “he just stands and presses play all night – I want live music!”.  Objections to having a band we hear are – “they can’t play my request as they have a strict set-list.”

Often we hear that one part of the wedding couple has their heart set on a band and the other wants a DJ.  We regularly meet wedding couples and they have been undecided – it is a huge decision after all.  While every individual has their own personal opinion and we can only offer friendly advice, we recognise that working alongside other entertainers can be just as rewarding as doing the wedding reception ourselves.

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