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Often we meet wedding couples who have arranged most of their wedding i.e. celebrant, venue, entertainment etc.  One crucial item they have regularly overlooked is the need for wedding ceremony music!

Some venues invariably don’t have adequate facilities for playing music.

Alternatively, we hear that “they can provide an ipod for the ceremony” but who is going to look after this?  Is this a staff member or duty manager at the venue with limited or no experience?

Do they know what to play?  Do they know when to play it?  Do they just follow a “tried and tested” formula that they apply to all weddings?

Asking a family member or guest to “press play” can make them stressed because if they get something wrong, it will be re-visited at every family event they attend for evermore.

This is where hiring a professional to fulfil this role is of great benefit.

During our pre-wedding meeting, Gordy is a DJ will agree what music you want played at certain times during your ceremony.

We will arrive early, check out the sound requirements of the venue and rehearse the music and timings.  For example, one of us will walk down the aisle more than once beforehand to rehearse exactly what will be happening and time the music to suit.

We will liaise with your celebrant so they can advise us what is to happen and when, often agreeing with them the “signals” they will give to us to ensure the smooth flow of the ceremony while going un-noticed by you.

All of this will ensure the seamless flow of music at your ceremony and remove weight from your shoulders at such a significant part of your big day.

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