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What is mood lighting?

Mood lighting (or LED uplighting) is one of the biggest ideas to come from America in the last 15 years and is taking the wedding industry by storm in the UK.  It is a level of illumination used to create a romantic, relaxed or vivid atmosphere within a room.  By placing wireless lights against walls/pillars and coving, a stunning effect is achieved.   The use of wireless lights prevents any wedding guests from tripping over cables.


Why use mood lighting?

By adding lighting in any colour to suit, this gives the opportunity to transform your wedding reception venue to any colour.  This in our experience is best used from daytime to evening to create an individual look or the “wow” factor!  Many venues have bare cream walls which lack imagination.  Therefore employing mood lighting at your wedding reception will put you in control of the room’s appearance leaving a lasting impression!

Why not have the lighting reflect your theme colour of stationery, favours or bridesmaid dress?






4. RED



“One of the great extras that we chose was to add mood lighting for the night.  This was amazing, a must have and great value for money!”

Patrik & Nina Hallsjo


How much does mood lighting cost?

In comparison to other expenses associated with a wedding, our mood lighting is very cost-effective and extremely striking.  Many customers comment that they remembered how stunning the room looked and received many compliments from their guests.  While we fully appreciate that all wedding items are extremely important, our wedding couples have mentioned that mood lighting was actually more memorable than their wedding cake!

The size of the room and how many units are required will affect the cost.  However the average function room at a venue in Scotland can be lit with 15 lights for as little as £175.

A worthwhile addition that will not only amaze your guests but will ensure your wedding reception is unique!