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Selecting your wedding entertainment can be a huge task and wedding couples rightly ask us some key questions before booking.  This week’s blog will take a question and answer format of 20 questions to ask your wedding DJ.  While some of these concerns may appear trivial, they are genuine questions that we have received


1. How long have you been a DJ?

Gordy is a DJ has over 20 years experience in the wedding industry and is a husband and wife team.  Furthermore, the business is a full time occupation – not a hobby.

2. Can I meet you in person before my big day?

Of course, we actually prefer to meet with you to get to know you as people, discuss the format of your special day including music requests (play and do not play etc).

3. Will you be the DJ that I get on my day?


4. Do you perform more than one event in a day?

Never, your wedding is our entire focus on that day.

5. Have you played at our reception venue before?

As we travel all over Scotland, we have frequented many many venues.  However, if we have not played at your venue before, where possible we visit beforehand to meet the wedding co-ordinator.

6. When do you arrive?

We will be present at your venue at least 1 hour before the specified time.  We will liaise directly with your venue in this regard removing the responsibility from you.

7. How will you be dressed?

We will be neat and tidy in personal appearance at all times and never in jeans or trainers!

8. Do you carry back up equipment?

Yes at all times.

9. Will you smoke or drink during the evening?

We are non-smokers and never consume alcohol while working.

10. Do you take a break?

No. We believe you have paid us for a job and we personally feel it is not appropriate.  During the buffet some slower music can be played at a suitable volume.  We do not require food.

11. How long does it take you to set up?

Depending on access, generally 40 minutes.

12. What if something happens to you and you can’t attend?

In this unlikely event, we consider it our full responsibility to find a similar service as a substitute and would do our utmost to make sure you are not left without entertainment.  As a member of a local group of professional DJs, we are able to make quick contact with similar services which gives you reassurance that you will not be let down.

13. How involved can we be in selecting the music?

Requests from your guests and you are always encouraged provided they are appropriate to the event and unlikely to cause offence.

14. Do you have a set playlist that you stick to?

No.  Every crowd is different and guest requests will vary.  What works one night will not necessarily work the next.

15. Can you play music from my phone/ipod/youtube?

No as the sound quality is suspect to say the least and will sound worse if amplified!

16. Will the music be too loud?

We aim to set the volume at a level which while loud enough, allows people to hold a conversation without screaming into each other’s ears.

17. My venue needs certificates – are you insured?

Yes many venues will ask for PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) certificates to ensure all equipment is electrically safe.  Also regularly asked for is PLI (Public Liability Insurance) which we possess, over £10 million worth to be precise.

18. Will I receive a contract of booking?

Yes at all times.  All details of the wedding will be included along with our terms and conditions.

19. What makes you different from your competitors?

Gordy is a DJ is the only VOWS (Voted Outstanding Wedding Supplier) award-winning DJ service in the wedding industry for over ten years in Scotland.  We are the only DJ service to have received a special commendation from Confetti Wedding Awards.

No other DJ service in Scotland has received such repeated accolade.

Entering these awards is not to be taken lightly.  This means we throw our entire business open for inspection.  This reflects our entire devotion to what we do.

And Finally….

20. Will you sing?

We can’t sing in tune, nor will we attempt to!  We also will not lend the microphone to wedding guests on the basis that they most likely can’t sing either!  If we were to provide the microphone to one person, everyone will want to do the same which can end up destroying the party atmosphere.

We hope that these questions and answers have helped allay any fears.  Feel free to ask any further questions by getting in touch today!