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Last month, we had the pleasure of visiting one of our favourite venues – Kincaid House Hotel.  This week’s blog reviews this popular venue located in Milton of Campsie, just outside Glasgow.

Kincaid House Hotel is a picturesque castle dating back to 1812.  As a family run business, this venue is not only striking in appearance with turrets and a tower, but the customer service provided by the staff is amazing.

With numerous Georgian reception rooms and a beautiful conservatory, Kincaid House Hotel can cater for 100 day guests and up to 180 in the evening.  The conservatory is normally used to hold the ceremony and the walled garden is an ideal setting for photographs.

Accommodation is of course available and wedding couples have exclusive use of the conservatory, lounge, drawing room, lennox room and garden for the day.


Gordy is a DJ has visited the venue on many occasions throughout the years.  Every time, we have been impressed by the organisation of the couples’ special day.

Pictured here is our latest couple – John and Stacey Anderson in the conservatory having just become husband and wife!

They both looked amazing and very much in love!

On this occasion, Stacey and John decided to place the entertainment and the dancefloor in the centre of the room meaning there were chairs either side.  In our opinion, this was a great idea as it meant that the crowd were always near the action and did not have to walk far to get to the dancefloor!  A win win situation!

Our set up as pictured above fitted perfectly in the bay window.  Stunning mood lighting in candy shop pink added to the overall visual impact and transformed the room completely from daytime to evening.

What makes Gordy is a DJ love this venue so much is mainly due to the staff and the fantastic way they look after not only the wedding couple and their guests, but the wedding suppliers.  Wedding co-ordinator Morag always answers any queries we have and knows us as the husband and wife DJ team!  Alan, on the night itself was brilliant at keeping us up-to-date with the timings and ensuring we had everything we needed.

Access to Kincaid House Hotel from a DJ or wedding supplier point of view is relatively straight-forward as you can either use the main entrance or side entrance with only two or three steps to negotiate either way.

If you have still to decide upon your wedding venue, Kincaid House Hotel is definitely one that should be on your shortlist!

Meanwhile, if we can help along the way with our award-winning service, please contact us here.