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One of the most popular questions that we are asked is whether a couple should have a father and daughter wedding dance or even a mother and daughter wedding dance.    For the benefit of this blog, we will refer to father but any special family member can be chosen.

In simple terms, there is no right or wrong answer.  Do what you feel comfortable with!   Often our wedding clients haven’t even thought about it as there is so much to plan for a wedding and this is sometimes overlooked.  If you think it is something that would horrify your father, then don’t do it – you both have to be happy and relaxed and no pressure is ever intended.

Surprising a family member with this dance can not only be a sentimental moment for both parties, but it is also a special time in the evening where a bride can thank her father or mother for being their role model and emotions run deep!

Throughout the years Gordy is a DJ has witnessed some beautiful dances including a father who had visited a recording studio to record his own song which was played to his daughter as a surprise.  Only last month, we had a father who sang to his daughter while a video screen played photos of them together throughout the years – not a dry eye in the house!

So you have decided to have a father/daughter dance but what song do you choose and when do you include this?

A great idea is to select a song that means something to your father – perhaps he has a favourite singer or you grew up listening to a particular artist.  The song can be slow or fast – you don’t have to choose something just because the internet says it is the most popular song to choose!!  The more sentimental or emotional the better – it is a special moment that you will both remember for a very long time!  Particularly, if you are your father’s only daughter the dance can be very poignant.

Commonly, the father/daughter dance is performed after the first dance so that it can be captured by your photographer/videographer while they are still present at the evening reception.  However another great idea is to have the father/daughter dance first and therefore your father can give you away again!!  This often works very well and is followed by your first dance as a married couple.

We have played songs from Adele & Ellie Goulding to Frank Sinatra & Jackie Wilson – any era and any genre can be chosen!

Often a bride wishes to choose a song with lyrics that refer to “Dad”, “Father” or “Daddy” – after all, this is her moment to tell her father how much he means to her.

The TOP TEN father/daughter dances Gordy is a DJ has experienced are as follows;

  1. Heartland – I loved her first
  2. Tim McGraw – My little girl
  3. Luther Vandross – Dance with my father
  4. Temptations – My Girl
  5. T Carter Music – Daddy’s Angel
  6. Krystal Keith – Daddy dance with me
  7. Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She lovely
  8. Bob Carlisle – Butterfly Kisses
  9. Beyonce – Daddy
  10. Nancy Sinatra – It’s for my Dad

These song suggestions are over 3 or 4 minutes long.  Gordy is a DJ suggests not dancing alone and therefore invites the rest of the wedding party midway to join you on the dance floor.  Whatever you choose, make sure that you and your father are both happy, calm and confident with your choice.

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