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This blog goes behind the scenes of Gordy is a DJ and hopefully gives an insight into our job, one which we adore!

Whether someone may be a wedding DJ full time or as an additional job to their current employment, the truth is we all do this job because we LOVE it.

The unfortunate stigma for a lot of performers (bands and DJs) is that they just turn up on the evening and sing/play some songs, get paid and the job is done!

This viewpoint in our opinion, cannot be further from the truth!

What does Gordy is a DJ actually do?

As a husband and wife team every day is full of different tasks, all of which are geared towards our wedding clients.

A typical week would involve the following;

  1. Several client meetings to find out what the couple’s dream wedding reception is.
  2. Responding to enquiries via email/phone/text/facebook/twitter etc.
  3. Updating music and keeping the music library fresh.
  4. Checking our equipment is fully functional and ready for the next event.
  5. Visiting venues to meet wedding co-ordinators and providing appropriate insurance documentation.
  6. Administration – contracts of booking/wedding schedules/business accounts etc
  7. Attending training in person and online.
  8. Maintenance of vehicle.
  9. Rehearsing and planning ahead of upcoming weddings.
  10. Keeping insurances up-to-date.

This list is far from exhaustive but gives a flavour of what running Gordy is a DJ involves.  As can be seen, this is far more than someone on the evening witnesses.

Of course, let’s not forget the actual weddings themselves!!!  These weddings can be in locations all over Scotland.  The last year for example has seen us visit Edinburgh, Dundee, Oban and even across the border in Berwick-Upon-Tweed.  On these occasions, we have had to plan necessary accommodation.

Getting to meet wedding couples and their guests from all walks of life is just one perk of our job but seeing the joy on their faces gives us fantastic job satisfaction.

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