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Your wedding reception provides up to one third of what you and your guests will remember about your entire day.

Making sure you hire a professional DJ with wedding entertainment experience is of course point one but how can you go further?

Here is how you can contribute to making your reception outstanding by helping to achieve a full dance floor at your wedding.

Listen to your DJ.

First of all, it’s important to listen to your DJ or other entertainer.  These people have vast experience of what works and what does not work at these occasions.  Often we find that people are surprised by what doesn’t work!

Remember that the music played doesn’t necessarily reflect on you.  It more often reflects on the DJ and their ability to “read” a crowd.

We do however know that our clients like anyone else have their pet hates which is why it is vital to have these ironed out at a pre-wedding meeting.

Crucially, don’t turn your DJ in to a human ipod.  Make some suggestions by all means but giving your DJ a list of what to play and in what order does not work ever.

Allow a mixture of music.

There is no better way of alienating guests than by asking for one genre of music to be played continuously.  While you may be a devout fan of Country and Western or thrash metal, the chances are a large portion of your guests will not and begin to prepare to leave early.

Ask your guests what they want to dance to.

Please note the words “dance to”, not “listen to”.  These people have gone to great effort to attend your wedding.  This could be your opportunity to give them something back.

Make sure there’s a bar nearby.

It makes sense to have the bar in the same room where possible.  That way, you don’t run the risk of losing guests to an outside area.  If the bar is in a different room, try to make sure guests can get there easily without employing a satnav!

Try to remove obstacles.

By obstacles, we mean stopping the evening mid way to cut a wedding cake for example.  This ideally should be done before or during the meal.  This allows the venue staff to cut the portions well in time for distribution later on.

Many clients wish to cut their cake before the first dance but this is often complicated to do without causing accidents.  Staff have to be there to remove the cake which is very difficult among a large number of people all craning their necks to catch a glimpse.

Furthermore, there is seldom a natural “flow” to progress from cake cutting to first dance and this causes confusion at such a crucial time.

Provide free flats or flip flops for female guests.

Much safer and more comfortable than just bare feet, give your guests no “sore feet” excuses after they’ve crammed their feet in to ill-fitting shoes all day!

Be in the room!

Your  guests are there to see you.  Therefore they will naturally gravitate to where you are.  Also, if you want your dance floor to be full, be on the dance floor yourselves!

Try not to be enticed in to spending hours outside e.g. to smoke cigarettes as this is where you will be hooked in to never ending conversations and you will miss a major part of your whole day!

Hopefully with just a little thought it will contribute to being the best evening to follow your perfect day!