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10 top tips for a memorable wedding reception.

This week’s blog uses our experience of weddings to pick out the most important things to consider.  Our wedding couples often ask us for advice so here are some of our thoughts.

  1. Do your research on your wedding reception entertainers – are they going to provide what you envisage as entertainment? Will your guests be catered for, not just you?  This is one item that you and all your guests will definitely remember about the entire day, choose carefully.
  2. Meet with your entertainers before your wedding. These people have vast experience and can offer valuable guidance to help make sure everyone has a great time.
  3. Cut your wedding cake before your meal where possible, well before the first dance. This will give your venue staff plenty of time to cut the portions to be distributed during the evening.  All too often we see cakes forgotten about which is far from ideal given the fact they often cost a significant amount of money.
  4. Don’t feel you need walk around with a clip board ticking off people’s names to make sure you speak to everyone. This is time consuming and too much pressure on you.  Your guests will be happy to be with you no matter whether or not they speak at length with you.
  5. Don’t expect older guests (especially those who use hearing aids) to sit next to the speakers, this will most likely be uncomfortable for them. Ensure they are offered a quieter place in the room.  Gordy is a DJ always plays at a suitable volume for all age groups!
  6. Keep the exit doors firmly closed. Don’t entice people away from the action and try not to place other attractions like candy carts or chocolate fountains in a different room – put them in the same room where feasible. Having all of your wedding attractions together allows everyone to feel part of the evening.
  7. Similarly, try to find a venue with the bar in the same room. Also make sure there will be sufficient bar staff so that you don’t lose guests to a long bar queue.
  8. Make plans for the children, keep them entertained! Often a separate space can be used with video games/movies/board games etc and ensure there is a designated wedding guest/person to look after them.
  9. Be in the room. Sounds simple?  Often you can get caught up in conversations with people and then you realise that you have missed part of the evening!  Your guests will naturally gravitate to where you are.  If you are on the dance floor, so much the better.
  10. Possibly the most important with your future memories in mind – finish on a high. The atmosphere will be so much better with more people there rather than being left with a few stragglers hanging on until the end.   A day full of such emotion for you can equally be a long day for everyone else! Midnight is by far the best time in our experience, 1am regularly a mistake as some guests will have left.  In this case, less is more.

This list is by no means exhaustive but includes the items that regularly seem to have been the most important at our weddings in the past.

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